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E-commerce solution...

Simply Invoice SE(Server Edition) is specifically design to run an e-commerce website with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from such a site.

There are a lot of e-commerce website solutions out there that claims to be simple to manage. Well there is now an alternative to all those expensive and very complicated to manage e-commerce websites that we keep seeing on the internet. Our solution is easier to manage and a lot more friendlier for search engines.

We can create and host an e-commerce website for you at a reasonable price. There is no need for manual uploads of images, item descriptions or seperate files to your website. Simply Invoice SE does all that for you automatically with ease through its built in standard stock control management screen.

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e-commerce website e-commerce website e-commerce website e-commerce website e-commerce website

All you need is one copy of Simply Invoice SE(Server Edition), and one of our e-commerce website solution.

Simply Software are an SagePay Approved Partner for integrating their online payment solutions into your e-commerce websites.

Simply Invoice SE is a more comprehensive version of Simply Invoice V2 but with a lot more features and the ability to integrate into and manage e-commerce websites. We create easy to navigate around e-commerce websites that are functional to use for your customers.

Your e-commerce website connects directly to your Simply Invoices SE database. Our solution gives you instant 100% data synchronisation from your website directly to your Simply Invoice SE software. Once your customer has paid for the items in their shopping basket, Simply Invoice SE invoice screen is automatically populated with the customers new order, and all payments details, contact detail and stock information are automatically filled in. Invoices from internet orders are automatically generated. All you have to do is pick the items from the order and dispatch them to your new online customer.

Website features...

  • Online ordering.
  • Built-in SEO friendly features.
  • Autocomplete text search.
  • Smart shopping basket with instant price updates.
  • Website switch to show website prices with or without VAT.
  • Built in stock control for removing sold items from your current stock levels.
  • New orders appears in your Simply Invoice SE invoicing screen automatically.
  • All items can automatically be uploaded to Google search shopping results.
  • Item descriptions, prices and images that are added to stock items in Simply Invoice SE, can be automatically displayed on your website.
  • New online customers are automatically added to your contact screen.
  • Online payment information is stored automatically within Simply Invoice.
  • Customer details are automatically saved to the contact list.
  • Items sold online are automatically added to the invoice list, no copying and pasting needed.
  • Customers can register online and receive a Simply Invoice account number and WEB PIN within 10 seconds.
  • Items are listed in the same categories and sub categories order that are used in Simply Invoice SE.
  • The website is optimised to allow Google, Yahoo and bing to spider all your stock items with ease including item descriptions and prices.
  • Online account aumber and WEB PIN retrieval service for customers that have forgetten their login details.
  • Accept payments through SagePay straight to your bank account. You can also accept PayPal payments through SagePay.
  • Customers can login to the website to view their personal favourite items catalogue, view previous invoice or reprint invoices.
  • Online re-printing of your customers current invoices.
  • Full stock control integration. Stock sold is automatically deducted from current stock levels.
  • Auto quantity discount break. The higher the quantity ordered, the cheaper it get. This is optional, you do not have to use this feature.
  • Smart login system for customers. Links your trade customers to their current sell rate in SImply Invoice.
  • Built in item quick search facility. Search by product name, stock code or description.
  • Live online price updates. Changing any of the prices in your Simply Invoice SE product list, instantly updates the price on your website.
  • Full item price, picture, linked items and specifications available for any item in your product database.
  • View online catalogue of entire stock range. Which items are viewable are entirely up to you.
  • Smart inventory/stock code or product name search facility.
  • View item category. Show all the items in one chosen sub category.
  • Special offers page. This is optional, you do not have to have this feature.
  • Add your own website forum for customers. This feature is optional extra.

All this for only £1995

Buy our e-commerce website solution for £1995 and you will receive not one but two copies of Simply Invoice SE software. Simply Invoice SE can be used to run your business on a day to day basis. You can also use Simply Invoice SE to administer and run your e-commerce website solution.

*Our price of £1995 is based on one of our standard e-commerce website templates. If you want to change from one of our standard template, the price will go up, but only if you change the website dramatically. Your e-commerce website look and feel can be customised to suit your business colour cheme and image.


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